If you’re running a WordPress website, there are several options for SEO plugins. We have tested other plugins and off-site products to find the most comprehensive and effective SEO tool. After testing other solutions, we have settled on using the Rank Math Pro plugin for WordPress.

Both The Free Version And Rank Math Pro Have Value When It Comes To Ranking In Search Engines.
Both the free and paid versions of Rank Math have value when it comes to ranking in search engines.

For just $59 a year (yes, per year), you have access to a custom dashboard where you can find Google Analytics, SEO, keyword, indexing, and other valuable stats. The dashboard displays SEO data, rankings, and performance based on Rank Math’s point ranking system. There’s also an SEO analysis tool that scans your site to show where improvements are needed. Rank Math offers a free version, but the low annual subscription makes the Pro version a great value.

Intro to Rank Math

We were introduced to Rank Math at a day job in 2020. With no experience and a completely foreign platform, we dove in to learn how Rank Math works. The more we use this powerful DIY SEO tool, the more we love and recommend it to anyone and everyone wanting to level up their site ranking strategy.

Our first test was performed using the Free version of the Rank Math plugin. We didn’t have access to all the premium features, but we wanted to see what the plugin would do without them. Many SEO plugins have a “free” version, but they don’t do much without an upgrade.

Compare Rank Math Free vs. Pro

What we found was impressive, to say the least. Without any coding or special skills, you can install the free plugin and put it to work immediately. Reporting is limited and a lot of the enhanced features are available with paid versions. But the free features allowed us to see SEO scores on posts and pages, along with suggestions to improve our scores. Rank Math even includes 5 free Content AI credits to help you get your first pages and posts published.

Rank Math Offers Actionable Tips To Increase Your Seo Score.
Rank Math offers actionable tips to increase your SEO score.

Time to Upgrade to Pro

Don’t get us wrong, if you’re just starting to build your SEO strategy, the free version is an excellent start. When it comes to value, function, and performance, Rank Math is by far our best recommendation.

So why did we decide to upgrade? The short answer – Google Analytics, keywords, and rank tracking. If you have any experience running a website or blog, you know that finding your data can be a challenge. Logging into multiple accounts to pull stats was making us a little crazy. Once we learned that the Pro plugin shows all your data in one place (among many other features), we were sold.

Rank Math Pro Dashboard
Rank math pro dashboard

The Pro plugin is loaded with high-value features, and you don’t have to be a total geek to use them. The Pro version tracks up to 500 keywords and includes 15 free AI Content credits to help you start publishing fast. Sitemaps for news, video, and images are automatically generated with their simple sitemap feature. You can even publish your podcast right on a WordPress website.

See more stats using the Rank Math Pro WordPress plugin.

You don’t have to be super tech-savvy to learn SEO or install and run Rank Math. Each package comes with a free SEO class. The blog is also very helpful, and 24/7 support is included with each paid subscription. Setup is fast and easy. If you have an active WordPress site, you’ll need no more than 5 minutes to get started.

Get Noticed With Rank Math

You may have a stunning website, but speed, functionality, and laser-focused content are the way to the top of search results. If you’re not getting web traffic or converting sales, it’s time to reconsider your SEO strategy. Installing the Rank Math Pro WordPress plugin makes managing SEO easy and accessible in a simple dashboard. Their team is available to help with setup and answer questions along the way.

Stop losing sales and start ranking at the top of Google search results. Whether you use the free or pro version, Rank Math is extremely valuable and affordable for any small business.

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