What is SEO in Simple Terms?

If you’re new to web design and content creation, you may not yet know about Search Engine Optimization – referred to as SEO. Here’s a quick explanation to help you start putting SEO to work for your business.

SEO in Simple Terms

Seo! That's Important, Right? What Is It Again?!? Learn About Seo In Simple Terms.
Confused about SEO? Take a deep breath and read our breakdown to learn more.

Definition: A process to improve the quality and quantity of your content to increase traffic to your website and social channels.

Wikipedia has a great article on the process, history, and common methods for modern SEO. But basically, SEO is used to help your website compete with dynamic competitors and win business with specific keywords and content related to your business. Dynamic competitors are websites that rank higher than yours for similar keywords.

You can build a slick website with all the latest features, but unless you do something to market the site, it will sit at the bottom of Google search results and may never be seen. When it comes to building a great web presence, form is nice, but function is key to a top-performing website or blog. When used properly, you can actually win better rankings and more business with the right keywords, content, and best practices.

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We’re currently subscribed to Hike SEO’s service to help us build an effective website from the ground up. Hike is a service that scans your site to offer suggestions and help to improve site rankings. If you don’t have time to work on your site or blog, Hike offers professional services to do the work for you. Click here to learn more about all their features and pricing.

If you can do the work for yourself, you can save money and find everything needed to research keywords, build a sitemap, and even generate content with the included content wizard. Once you launch a website or blog, you can sign up for monthly SEO solutions and cancel anytime. Mention SandboxMarketing.online when you place your order.

Get Answers for SEO Questions

Need more help? No problem! We can help you tackle your own project or do the work for you. Whether you need to launch a website or just need help with content, our team is ready to write and support you through your optimization journey. Email us with questions. We’ll respond within 24 hours.

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